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Heat vs. Cold

Posted: June 20th, 2010 | Author: Shae Jensen | Filed under: World Issues | Tags: , , , , , , | 1 Comment »

I set out on a mission. A mission to discover why I loathe the heat and love the cold.

I’m a girl. It should be the other way around. See, there’s an actual scientific reason girls get colder than men quicker: ┬áto protect your internal organs all people, men included, “steal” heat from your limbs to make sure your organs don’t freeze. Women have a more evenly distributed fat layer and less muscle, so they developed a more efficient way to conserve body heat. Of course, this leaves the hands and the feet feeling colder way before they do on men, which results in them generally feeling colder.

Alright. That sounds fair, right? Of course every person is different and every person feels temperatures differently. Well. I find this unfair. I’m Scandinavian. I’m used to warm (not hot!) summers and mild winters. This is all thanks to the golf stream, which brings warm water northeast across the Atlantic and past Denmark, which in turn regulates the climate. Which is fabulous. Just the way I like it.

So this isn’t as much a mission to find out why I don’t like the heat, ’cause I already know that, but why heat sucks and cold is made of win.

Let’s take the road of the extreme examples, shall we? 90 degree weather, like today, humidity at 45%. What’s good about this weather? nothing. Absolutely nothing. People like it because they get to go to the pool and not freeze to death when jumping in the water. But without this heat you wouldn’t have to go in the water to begin with. The problem is mostly humidity. See, with all the moisture in the air you can’t sweat ’cause.. well.. that’s like trying to fill a balloon with water that’s already completely filled up. There just isn’t room to push any more moisture in there. Sweating is a way for your body to cool down. If you can’t sweat, you can’t cool down as easily. If it was humid and cold, or hot and not humid it’d be another story. In this heat you have to leave your home and go somewhere else to go into a pool (unless of course you have one in your back yard, in which case you’re evil and you need to share!) when all you really want to do is just sit there and die a little.

So let’s pit that against the cold. Snowing, let’s say. No problem sweating. Not that you would need to ’cause.. well.. it’s cold. Sure, you might freeze, but you can layer as many clothes on top of yourself to keep yourself as warm as you’d like. With warmth there’s a limit to how much clothes you can take off, unless you want to flay yourself. Plus, to go have have fun in a pool without leaving your back yard! Sure. The pool might be frozen little flakes of water, but damnit, it’s just as fun as going to the pool! You can’t very well ball up non-frozen water and throw it at someone, can you? So.. fun on a day where it’s so hot and humid you don’t want to leave your house, but have to in order to cool down and have fun, versus fun on a day where you can have the fun, put on layers upon layers of clothing and stay warm, after which you can have a nice cup of hot chocolate without leaving the comfort of your own home? which one wins?

I think I made my point.

I’ll say one thing for the heat, though: it brings out the cutest little bunnies in my neighborhood. Can’t complain about cute little bunnies. Not only are they cute, but they’re delicious, too!

/end rant.